Dr. Jonathan Isaacson is a trusted therapist by many professionals in our region. His calm, caring and very perceptive nature are some of the qualities his clients value the most. When not providing counseling to his clients, Dr. Isaacson devotes his time in continuing education and research. Dr. Isaacson's style is very educative and solution-focused, so his clients see results in only a few sessions.

What other professionals are saying...

Dr. Jonathan Isaacson treats his clients with care and compassion. He helps couples resolve high-conflict stressful situations while maintaining a stance that is once neutral and empathic.
— Dr. Oren Meyers, Psychologist - ohiosolutions.org
I’ve known Dr. Jonathan Isaacson for quite a while and find him to be conscientious, and deeply motivated professional. He is always ever gracious and kind, especially to his wife and children. I have referred couples in distress to Dr. Isaacson. He helps people know themselves and each other better, find the grace in each other, and uplift their marriage.
— Dr. Doris Cohen, Author & Psychologist - drdoriscohen.com
Having worked with Dr. Jonathan Isaacson, I have known him to be consistently professional in his work ethics and all that he does with his clients.
— Michael Tesler, Licensed Professional Counselor
I found Dr. Jonathan Isaacson to be insightful and sensitive. And I have recommended him several times.
— Rabbi Ephraim Nisenbaum - jewishlearningcleveland.com
I was very pleased with the results in recommending clients to Dr. Jonathan Isaacson. I feel he is very knowledgeable and professional and very caring.
— Rabbi Akiva Feinstein - Pastoral Care, The Cleveland Clinic