Your Inner Critic

Have you ever had an idea, a dream, or a sudden burst of confidence to try something new, only to struggle with our Inner Critic? Instead of confidence, we end up questioning our ability.
Our Inner Critic tells us awful things like, 

“You always start a new project and never finish it.”

“You tried something like this before and failed. Why do you think it will be different this time?”
“What makes you think you can do this?” 

Over the course of a lifetime, we’ve internalized more negative than positive messages, leaving us with a very vocal Inner Critic.

Here are some ideas to try to turn off our Inner Critic:

  1. Whenever your negative thoughts show up, remind yourself of the positive qualities you possess.
  2. Evaluate the critical message. Is it true? Is there a bit of truth? Or is it a lie? 
  3. Agree with the Inner Critic, and add something true about you. For example: “Yes, sometimes I do procrastinate and I am really productive when I put my mind to it.”

Just remember, when you hear the Inner Critic, you have the power to turn the volume up, down, or better yet, turn it off.