Yes, You Can!

Life demands personal and spiritual growth. Each of these challenges brings a lesson. You learn it, move on to your next challenge… and to your next lesson.

As we go through life, the lessons get more complex. It’s as though each time you learn one lesson, you “graduate” to the next one. This process can feel like too much at times!

Before you give up or get discouraged, remind yourself that so far, you have met all the challenges in your life. You’ve learned some valuable things along the way. And all those challenges and lessons have prepared you perfectly for what you are facing now. And with each challenge, your innate gifts and abilities become even more revealed.

Sure, it would be easier if we could just learn these lessons from a book. It would be more comfortable if we just stayed in bed all day, too… but that’s not how it works.

Because the truth is, you are ready for whatever challenge you face. In fact, there is no better preparation than your life experience—lumps, bumps, lessons and all. Know that God won’t give you anything you can’t handle, even if you wish, as did Mother Theresa, that He didn’t trust you so much.

Overwhelmed Office Worker