What Happened to Empty Spaces?

One of the most important components of great art is the empty space. It defines what is important. It creates balance and harmony.

We need empty spaces in life, as well. Spaces in our life define the boundaries between the self and our limits. These pockets of empty space in our lives are part of the overall balance and harmony of our experience.

Let’s take time, for example. Sometimes, it feels like there are no empty spaces in our schedules. We value productivity; and perhaps perceive people with lots of free time less. 

Do we measure our day by how “productive” we are? Can we spend a day without every moment planned out? Does an empty space in our schedule bring out anxiety in us?

Here are three simple ideas to get your started.

  1. The next time you’re in the car, turn off the music. Just welcome the quiet. 
  2. The next time you’re with your spouse, go for a walk. It clears the mind and provides the space to really connect with each other. 
  3. The next time you’re on vacation, avoid the hectic amusement park. It’s not a race to see all the vacation spots and experience every thrill ride. You shouldn’t need a vacation from your vacation. Get in touch with nature. Spend a weekend in solitude.

We need the empty spaces in life to rejuvenate ourselves. We need the empty spaces to reflect and be able to appreciate.