Welcoming Spring

Does it ever feel like the hustle and bustle of your daily life makes you crazy?

Every day you’re met with a barrage of (largely useless) information designed to put you on edge & make you worry about situations that you’ll probably never encounter. Between consuming the media, meeting daily deadlines, and managing career, family, and personal life (if that's even possible), it’s amazing that any of us stay sane.

Fortunately, there’s a quick cure for all of it: GO OUTSIDE.

Take your shoes off and walk in the grass. Look up at the sky and enjoy watching clouds move across a vast expanse of brilliant blue. Look at the perfect asymmetry of a tree, and allow its beauty to overtake you.

Nature is a perfect system. It works incredibly well, and has since before the beginning of time. Flowers don’t need alarm clocks to tell them when to bloom, and birds don’t need a recording studio to sing. Everything just works, exactly as it’s supposed to. And the best part is that…YOU are a NATURAL part of ALL of it. All it takes to give your mind a rest & your soul a re-charge is a little time outside, in silence or in song, at one with everything.

What can YOU do TODAY to reconnect with nature & regain your rightful place in the perfect, natural order of things?