Tips for Managing Change

Throughout life, change will always be our constant companion. Sometimes, we are the catalyst for the change. Other times, change is thrust upon us, leaving us feeling vulnerable and out of control. 

Despite its inevitability, change still makes us feel anxious and uncertain. It’s not that we need less change in our lives; but instead, we need to learn to adjust our perspective about change. This way, we can better manage the changes in our lives and the transitions we face, when they happen. 

Here are some ideas for handling life’s changes with grace and ease:

  1. Remember that change causes stress. To minimize the stress, identify what you can control and what you cannot. That which you cannot control, just let the experience be. 
  2. See the change as an opportunity rather than a bad situation.
  3. Keep your focus on your long-term goals. The circumstances of your current situation can distract you from your goals.
  4. Be open to what can be learned from the change, and ask yourself "What can this experience teach me?" 

The one constant in life is change. The trick is to be able to handle change with grace and ease.