Time to Focus

Have you ever had one of those experiences, when you were looking for something in another room, and then you forget what you needed in the first place.

My wife used to say, she's headed for the refrigerator, but once she opens the door, she forgets if she wanted something to drink or to eat.

There are many times throughout the day that focus can elude us. Sometimes it means we don’t get a project done at work, we can’t recall the errands we were supposed to run during our lunch break, or we forgot that we needed scissors in the storage closet.

When you find your focus drifting, keep in mind these simple tips to help you feel sharper, more productive and more efficient:

One thing at a time! You miss important things when you try to over-multi-task.

Use reminders. Keep notes in your phone, diary or hanging on your computer screen. Create a system to help you keep important appointments and other commitments.

Make lists. If planning your niece’s birthday party is a priority, make a check-list of critical tasks with timelines to help keep you on task.

Eliminate distractions. If your desk is messy and you get sidetracked away from important tasks, take time to clean and organize.

Prioritize. When everything feels urgent, take time to prioritize what matters most and needs to be done first.

Follow these tips to help sharpen your focus, and remember that any good habit requires practice. Now where did those scissors go?