Three Important Tips for Handling Change

Change is as natural as breathing.  We are always changing or have some sort of change occurring in our lives. There are three phases of change: letting go, transition, and beginning anew. 

Transition is the hardest, because more often than not, we find ourselves in limbo. It’s place between letting go of the old, and the uncertainty of what is yet to come. 

Here are some ideas to help you during those uncertain times:

  1. Be patient. The external world of our lives can change in a moment’s notice. But our internal world requires more time to reorient to the change. We cannot rush the inner process that must adjust to the external changes of our life.
  2. Don’t rush into action. Sitting and waiting can be uncomfortable. It’s tempting to “fix” things when everything is in chaos. The process of transition is often a time of inertia; a time for us to slow down, reflect, and adjust, so we can be ready for the next phase of our lives.  
  3. Take care of yourself. Change is stressful. Do things you enjoy doing that make you feel good. Take a walk, read an inspirational book, or take up a hobby.