The Power of the "Pause"

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone lets you do all the talking? They don’t contribute anything to the conversation. While it feels great to be heard, having a one-way conversation is not very comfortable.

If you catch yourself in a situation like that – try a very powerful technique – stop talking and just be quiet. Silence. It’s human nature. Most people are uncomfortable with silence. 

When there is a pause in a conversation, people naturally want to fill the space. When you remain quiet, the other person is more likely to open up, and share more (unless they are being purposely guarded). 

The next time you’re not getting enough input from someone, ask yourself, “Am I giving them enough room to answer, or am I rushing to fill the silence?” 

Every person has his or her own communication style and speed of processing. Remind yourself that the other person may just need a few moments to think, process, and find the right words.  By using the power of the pause, you are respecting the other person. And you are more likely to get interaction in the conversation. It’s a win-win situation.