The Power of Optimism

Being optimistic is more than seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. Optimism shows itself through your attitude, belief, and actions. 

Optimistic people:

  1. Set more goals and succeed.
  2. Better able to handle challenges and stress. 
  3. Enjoy better quality of life.

In fact, it turns out that optimism is a reliable predictor of work performance. 
Here are ways to practice optimism: 

  1. Expect positive and successful outcomes. This primes your brain to look for and recognize possibilities. 
  2. Have an attitude of gratitude. List the blessings in your life. Name three great things that happened today. 
  3. Journal about positive experiences. 
  4. Appreciate everyone and everything. Make positive comments about the world and people around you.

Optimism has significant contribution to health and quality of life. Now doesn’t that just make you a little more optimistic?