The Need for Internal Transitions

If we want to thrive in the midst of change, we cannot hurry the process of our internal experiences. 

Change is an event. It is when something happens—an acquisition, a bankruptcy, a death, a birth, a new employee, a new boss, a move, etc.  Change can be external, as something that happens outside of us. 

Change may happen on the surface, but the process of moving through change, called “transition,” is an internal process. Transition, unlike change, is an experience, not an event. This internal transition is a natural process of disorientation and re-orientation that feels uncomfortable, but eventually leads to growth.  

Change is both an external event and an internal response. We must recognize that the internal transition usually doesn’t match the speed of the external change that has occurred. Therefore, for a healthy and productive change to occur, we need to allow our internal response to catch up with the external change.