The Missing Ingredient to Achieving Your Goals

Setting goals gives us a great feeling of starting something new and exciting. One powerful shift you can make is to focus, look at your goals, and take deliberate actions to achieving your goals, every day. Also, visualize what that success looks like.

Do you want to lose 20 pounds? Visualize yourself 20 pounds lighter. 

Do you want to make $100k this year? Visualize yourself depositing $10,000 checks in the bank every month. 

Do you want to pay off all your debt? Visualize your balance sheet saying $0 due. 

Visualizing your goals is keeping your eye on the prize. Racecar drivers use this powerful technique of keeping their eyes focused on the track and the finish line. When moving full-speed ahead, stay on course, be confident, stay on track, and you will reach the finish line.