The Importance of Non-Verbal Messages

Imagine, you are highly emotional, and you’re pouring your heart out to a friend. She seems distracted, often glancing at her watch. Do you believe she’s interested in what you’re saying

Or how about when a customer service representative at a store says, “I really wish I could help you.” But he has a stern look on his face, with his arms folded firmly across his chest. Do you believe him?

Research shows that 55% of our communication is through body language! Our facial expression, posture, and gestures actually say more to the other person than the words we speak.  

Surprisingly, words only account for 7% of the message we send. The remaining 38% of what we are communicating is expressed through the tone, pitch, and volume of one’s voice.

Next time you have something important to say, consider not just your words, but also the message your body and voice are communicating. And remember, when your body language is not resonating with the words you are saying, the non-verbal message wins every time.