The High Cost of A Life Out-of-Balance

Consistently living life at a frantic pace comes with a very high cost. It will affect you and your health. It will also affect your loved ones and your career.

Personal problems always affect your work performance. And job stress always spills over into the home life.

Companies are now realizing the high cost of stress on their employees. It costs $300 per employee for workplace stress problems. About 80 percent of workers suffer from workplace stress. Job stress is the number one health problem in America. 

Our frantic, chaotic, and hectic lifestyles are dangerous for our health. It also robs us of contentment and joy in life. And if that’s not bad enough, stress creates a feeling of loss of control. Everyone around us, and everything around us, are impacted negatively by what is happening. 

We need to take the time to slow down our lives. We’re missing life experiences when we’re moving at 100 miles per hour. Take a moment to pause your life, just for a little while. Appreciate every blessing you have at this moment. Then choose to only spend time and resources on things that matter most to you.