The Eyes Have It

Don’t underestimate the importance of eye contact when you’re having a conversation. Have you ever talked with someone and seen them look at their watch? Or noticed that they only look at you briefly, as their eyes wander around the room? 

The eyes have been called “the windows to the soul.” If you fail to make good eye contact, it sends a message that you are either evading or hiding something, or simply not interested in the current discussion. Your listener is likely to feel unimportant, and even offended.  

Eye contact is critical to communication. Practice making eye contact in four to five second intervals. Your eye contact should convey that you are open, friendly, and interested. You don’t want to stare – that can cause problems. But you also don’t want your eyes to be wandering about. 

Keeping eye contact with the other person will also help keep your attention on them, as well.  It also stops your mind from wandering.