Take Just One Step

Have you ever known exactly where you wanted to go, but hesitated because you didn’t know how to get there?

That is perfectly natural and perfectly human. From a survival standpoint, we're programmed with the need for safety, to know risks vs. rewards. The problem is that, by being overly cautious, it keeps us from accomplishing our dreams.

On the other hand, YOU are actually really good at handling whatever comes your way. Every day you avert disaster and arrive safely to your destination, having faced thousands of challenges, large and small. You can draw confidence from this vast well of experience. And pulled by the desire of that which you seek, you can rise to meet the road ahead, even if you can only see 3 feet of it.

Sometimes, we feel that we can only see 3 feet ahead of us. There's a lot of confusion, doubt, and fear. Nevertheless, the 3 feet in front of you is all you might need to get through rough spots in life. Handle that 3 feet. And then the next 3 feet. You can get to your destination 3 feet at a time.

No matter what dream you’re chasing or difficulty you’re facing, if you just take the next step, you’ll almost certainly arrive at your destination safe, sound & successful.

What ONE step can YOU take TODAY to move in the direction you desire?