Stop Second-Guessing Yourself

There’s an Inner Critic inside all of us. It’s full of negative self-talk. “I haven’t done enough.” Or “If only I had done it differently.” 

Negative self talk are often characterized by the words, “Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve.” When you do this, you create your own stress. 

The best solution is to simply stop listening to the Inner Critic. That’s easier said than done. Think of a popup when you’re on the Internet. It seems you can’t prevent all the popups. But you have control – you can choose not to click on the popup. 

Negative self-talk can be debilitating. It harms our self-confidence and self-esteem. It saps us of energy.

Just tell yourself – you did the best you could do at the moment, given your situation, and with the resources you had. And when you hear your Inner Critic start up the, “Should’ve, Would’ve, Could’ve” routine – click X on the popup.