Staying Inspired and Inspiring Others

People with authentic confidence have a unique ability to inspire others. They are positive. They believe in possibilities, and see challenges as minor obstacles to overcome. They have an aura of energy that is infectious. Psychology calls this energy “emotional contagion.”

Basically, the concept is that the emotion of the most powerful person in the room inspires the same emotion in others. And, yes, sometimes the most powerful person in the room can be a negative person, creating a negative impact. 

Our confidence and lack of confidence can inspire or deflate others, so it is important to be aware of how we carry ourselves. Here are some questions you can ask yourself every day to be inspired, and be more inspiring.

  1. What can I appreciate about this day? 
  2. What are the possibilities of this day?
  3. What kind word can I share or simple gesture can I do to inspire someone in my world?  
  4. If my emotions are contagious, what do I want others around me to catch?

Don’t waste another moment. The world is waiting for you to be inspired.