The Power of "Be Here Now" when Handling Conflicts

Imagine that you are having a disagreement with someone. As you are talking, you notice that the other person is attentive and really mindful of what's happening in the moment. They are truly listening with their whole mind. They're paying attention not just to your words, but also to the tone of your voice and your body language. They are able to reflect back what you have said. Wow! What do you think your response would be?

Chances are, you would probably feel respected. And as such, you'd be more likely to return that respect. What a powerful way to work through a problem or disagreement!

When you silence your inner monologue, you're much able to hear what's really being expressed. When you can fully "be here now" during a conflict, you lay the groundwork for respectful and responsible conflict resolution.

Some questions to keep in mind:

  1. Are you fully aware of the message you are projecting through your verbal and nonverbal responses?
  2. Are you fully present in the conversation?

Being fully present in the moment will go a long way toward defusing conflicts and protecting your relationships.