Our Natural Resistance to Change

It’s a simple fact that we want the things in our lives to remain familiar and stable.  We thrive on routines. We control the world to make it as predictable as possible.  Routine and predictability make us feel safe, secure, and in control.  

As much as we try to control change; change is the only constant in the universe. 

Whether we want to or not – even our bodies change every minute, every second. Technology is changing faster than we can read the manuals that go with some technogadget. The people in our lives come and go. We no longer have communities made up of two or three generations of families in one place. Even our life circumstances are constantly changing.

The frustration and anxiety that comes with change is normal. Even the most courageous of us can feel hesitant in a new identity or accepting a new challenge in our lives. This is even more pronounced if the changes are thrust upon us, instead of by choice; and when we are uncertain of how well we will survive or successfully navigate the change.  After all, no one wants to fail.   
Next time you are faced with change, notice and acknowledge your resistance, and accept that it is a normal reaction - and that will help you to better manage it.