Navigating Stress and Relationships

We’re almost helpless in not allowing our work issues to impact our personal lives. And vice versa. Our personal problems always affect our work performance. The boss is not happy. Your spouse is livid. Your children are throwing tantrums.

So, when you are feeling stress in other areas of your life and it is affecting your relationships, try doing a “pre-emptive strike.” Anticipate what could happen and prepare your spouse not to be shocked or hurt.

Have an honest talk with your spouse and your loved ones. Let them know that you are facing a particularly stressful period at work. It’s a temporary situation. Should you behave in your less than perfect self, ask them to please overlook and not take things too personality. Your outbursts are not about them. It’s about your work situation.

You can expand the explanation – the tight deadlines, overwork, and having to work with a colleague who is very difficult to get along. You might gently prod them that you may be grumpier than normal. Assure them that you’ll try to decompress for a few minutes after coming home.”

Difficult and stressful times come with the journey of life. When you and your teammates are on the same side, it will be much easier to navigate through challenging situations.