Managing Overwhelm

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed that you can’t focus?  Do you have days when your mind feels so cluttered that you can't fit in another chore, project, or appointment even if you wanted to? Experiences of stress and overwhelm happen in all of our lives. It serves us well to take steps to calm ourselves during these times. 

Here are some useful suggestions:

  1. Stop and focus on what’s important. Focusing on those we love and what is good in our lives is a powerful way of controlling our body's response to stress and keeping things in check. 
  2. Breathe. This ancient practice instantly reduces stress and allows us to tap into our creative energy and find the solutions we need. 
  3. Know what you can and cannot control. Make of list of the things that overwhelm you. After you do, put a check by the things you can control or influence. Acknowledge those things cannot control. Commit to letting go of control.

By making a conscious effort to calm your mind when life is spinning out of control, you will allow yourself to the positive and resourceful energy you need.