Little Changes Make a Big Difference

Accepting changes in our life can be difficult, even when the change may bring new opportunities. We like the “status quo.” Change leads to resistance, even though there is a promise for a better future. The next time you feel resistant to change, and you are having a difficult time accepting it, try making small changes.

Here are some useful things to remember:

  1. Change can happen in little ways.
  2. Try making changes in small increments – say, 10 percent. Ten percent doesn’t sound like much; but its impact can be profound. Our lives are actually filled with dozens of little changes happening around us, and to us, all the time. It hardly seems worth noticing; but 10% + 10% + 10% adds up.
  3. Change is not “all” or “nothing.” 
  4. Minor changes can have major impact. 

Making small adjustments can help to eliminate resistance and feel like you have more control. 
Imagine a ship following its course. And then it makes just a one-degree course correction. That ship will arrive to a totally different destination. Just a one-degree shift can make the whole difference.