Just Say "No!"

Work-Life Balance, if at all possible, is a constant struggle for everyone. It seems like the more “conveniences” available to us, the less time we have than ever. 

We have become more resilient dealing with modern-day stress. As more demands are placed on us, the greater it seems, our ability to “tune out” the stresses of life. We robotically go through our “To Do” as quickly as we can; only to collapse at night, only to look forward to the same thing tomorrow.

There’s a very simple and powerful technique we can use to immediately bring tremendous improvement to our Life Balance. 

Just say, “No.” 

So, before you instinctively say, “Yes,” to the requests of your friends, family, and boss, first ask yourself if you have the option to say, “No.” Practice saying, “No,” if you are uncomfortable. It may even provoke anxiety at first.

The most important thing to remember after saying, “No,” is to say nothing after that. You could say, “No, I’m sorry. I can’t help you this time.” Or you might say, “No, I can’t.” Or simply say, “No.” And stay silent. People normally feel uncomfortable with silence. Don’t try to break the silence by giving excuses.

So, now you have it. Do the things you have “To Do.” And do the things you “Want to Do.” It makes life so much simpler this way. Not only will you feel more at peace; regain a significant amount of time; feel contentment; you will also feel more in control of your life. And balancing life requires a lot of self-control.