Jump Right In

Hundreds of years ago, seafaring Viking explorers had an intriguing practice. When they arrived on the shores of new land, they would unload all of their supplies, and then burn the ships. That way, they had no option other than to move forward into the great unknown, meeting life head on.

The Vikings believed that the only acceptable way to live was with adventure and potential glory in sight. It can be tempting at times to spend a lot of energy creating safety, back-up plans, security measures & insurance against the unknown. But at the end of the day, all of those safety nets can prevent success.

You have ONE short and precious life. And the hard truth is, one day you’re going to die. Would you rather spend your time on the sidelines or participate in life, or dare to dive into a thrilling adventure?

The choice is yours, and you get to make it RIGHT NOW. How can you live your daring adventure today?