Is It a Dream? Or Is It Real?

Having a balanced life feels like an elusive dream to many of us. Yet every year, we plan and make it top priority and goal to create a balanced life. Our lives are more hectic than ever. We have demands pulling at us from many different directions. And there’s no end in sight. 

But small choices can make a big difference in getting our life back into balance. They are simple, easy to do, and effective.

Choose your leisure activities wisely. You only have a limited number of hours in the day for fun, so spend them on things you really enjoy. 

When in doubt, say, “No.” When someone asks you to do something, and it’s optional, just say, “No.” You will be sparing yourself from a lot of stress, aggravation, and being overwhelmed. 

Choose at least one task to complete every day. You will feel great when you complete it. It feels great when you can check off one or two items off your To Do List.

Identify the most stressful things in your life. What changes can you make so they feel less stressful. If it’s a task, can it be removed or delegated? 

While you may not be able completely succeed in balancing work and life responsibilities, you have the ability to make small, simple, but powerful choices everyday that will have a big positive impact on your wellbeing.

Set the intention to consciously move toward creating the ideal balanced life that you desire.