Identifying What Creates Stress in Your Life

Would you be surprised to discover that stress has been identified as the underlying factor in up to 90 percent of illnesses? And about 80 percent of workers suffer from job stress? 

The first step in relieving stress is to become aware of exactly what is causing you stress. 
This technique is called, “Name It, Tame It.” Once we can name the stressor, we can take the necessary steps to eliminate the stressor, or at least minimize its impact. 

Be as specific as possible when naming your stress. Don’t just name “work” as your stressor. Be more specific. What is it about work that causes you stress? Here are some common job stressors:

  • Miscommunication with coworkers
  • Feeling unequipped to tackle a new project
  • Balancing work and the needs of your family

It’s obvious that there are many aspects of the broad category of “work” that you enjoy. I bet you like seeing your favorite co-worker. And you enjoy receiving accolades from your peers.

The bonuses and promotion made you feel recognized and appreciated for your valuable contribution to the company. 

When you are specific in naming your stress, you have taken an important first step to taming the stress. Being specific helps you make clearer decisions about what you can do, or cannot do, to reduce your stress.