Help for Time-Starved Communicators

Even though we live in age of technology, with the ability to reach anyone in the world in an instant; we are not necessarily more connected with the people around us. The amount of busyness in our lives has grown dramatically. Communication takes time. Connection takes time.

How can we use today’s technology to connect with each other better? 

Consider the important people in your life, and what form of communication works best for them. Then think about how often you would ideally communicate with them. 

Does your boss like a daily or weekly status report over email? Does your mother like a phone call once a week for thirty minutes? Do your kids each want ten minutes of your undivided attention at bedtime?  

Once you’ve identified these things, look at what needs to change in your life to make room for connection with your loved ones. 

It used to be that families separated by great distances, made connections difficult. Letters took long to arrive. They became families on paper. Today, there’s email; but it’s impersonal. Today, we have virtual families, communities, and friendships. 

Let’s make our communication technology work for us. Let’s be intentional in our communication and desire for connection with one another.