Goals - Directing Your Life Energy

Do you remember 5th grade science class? That’s about the time that we learned the concepts of “potential energy” and “kinetic energy.”

Kinetic energy is energy in motion, like a car moving down the road. Potential energy is energy that has yet to be activated. Potential energy is everywhere, in everything; just waiting to be put to use.

Our goals are like energy. They help us direct the flow of life, transforming potential into kinetic.

How can we reveal the potential:

1. Write your goals down.

Writing puts your ideas in front of you, and makes them feel more solid. Plus, you always have a written record in case you forget what's important for you to accomplish. If it’s in your head, it’s only an idea. If it’s on paper, it becomes real.

2. Be specific.

When your goals are specific, they are measurable, and thus become realistic. You know it's within your reach.

3. Give yourself a deadline.

It has been said that goals without a deadline are dreams. For each goal you have, include a deadline by which you will achieve it. You are far more likely to accomplish your goals when you know they have got to be done by Friday, next month, or next year.

Imagine that! Your 5th grade science teacher DID have a lot to teach us about life!

How will YOU direct the energy of your life TODAY?