Giving Up the Old for the New

We all experience change whether we want to or not. Regardless of our age or maturity level, change is very difficult.  It’s not that we don’t like or want change. But we definitely want change to happen more easily, seamlessly, and on our terms. 

Change can be very difficult because we are all creatures of habit. Change often requires us to give up what’s old and familiar, in order to make room for something new and better. Did you ever have favorite shirt or comfy old shoes? As exciting as it may be to get new shirts and shoes – we’re used to our old ones, even attached to them.

It’s a strange paradigm. We desire to build our lives around something secure, familiar, and lasting. At the same time, we need changes, new experiences, new things, etc. to keep our lives from becoming boring, predictable; and to keep us from becoming stagnant. 

Giving up whatever previously defined our lives can be painful. But the anticipation of something new, and maybe even the excitement of welcoming something or someone new in our lives help us to stretch and grow beyond ourselves.