Give Your Spouse and Children 100%Attention

The next time you are talking to your spouse or child, practice giving them 100% of your attention. That means having direct eye contact. That means listening to what they’re saying, and to what they’re not saying. It means reading their body language. It means listening to the tone, pitch and volume of their voice to catch their true meaning. 

Giving 100% of your attention means focusing your mind totally on them. You’re not going over your schedule or to-do list in your head. You’re not busily preparing for what you want to say as soon as they stop talking.

One of the greatest gifts you can give another person is your undivided attention. In fact, people pay therapists for the opportunity to be heard and understood. 

When you are talking to your wife and children, make them feel that, while they are with you, at that moment – they are what matters most to you.