Finding a Mentor and Role Model

When stepping into greatness, it’s important to have a mentor and a role model. Let’s say you want to become a successful businessman. You have some expectations and ideas in your mind what kind of life that person may have. You might have a conception, as to how they may act in different situations.

To be successful, in any endeavor, we first need to understand that we don’t reach our goal on our own. Along the way, there will be mentors and role models. The fastest way to success is to learn from mentors, from those who have already reached their goals. Mentors and Role Models can greatly reduce our learning curve. We can learn from their mistakes, so we don’t have to make the same ones.

It might surprise you that Mentors, in all different areas of life, usually are very open to sharing their knowledge and help you. They realize that their success was also not all their own. And contributing to another person’s success is one powerful way to give back to the community.