Everyone (Needs) Loves Hugs

Scientists, doctors, and moms tell us that we should receive at least 3 hugs a day.

Hugs have an important medical benefit. They release an important hormone called Oxytocin. Among other benefits, Oxytocin relieves anxiety, lowers blood pressure, and helps us feel calm, centered and better connected the world around us.

Hugs (and the Oxytocin they release) are so important, that without them, our brains and bodies fail to develop properly, and we become ill and malnourished. In fact, studies have shown that babies who don't receive some form of physical touch are 78% less likely to survive infancy.

One of the great things about hugs is that when you give one you also get one. It’s GOGO – Give One, Get One. Everyone benefits!

Hugs are fun to practice and almost always well received. So with a little effort, you can be a super-hugger, loved by everyone, and releasing Oxytocin to the world around you! There is one caveat to hugs – you must PRACTICE A LOT.

So quit reading about it, and GO HUG SOMEONE!