Embrace Your Challenges and Dance

For most of your life, you will encounter challenge and opposition.

You want to go on vacation, but there’s a stack of bills that need to be paid first. You want to get to work on time, but there’s unexpected construction on your usual route. This is sometimes what happens in life. Through no fault of our own, something gets thrown our way.

Opposition gives you something you can work with. It’s a lot like dancing with a partner. With no resistance, you’re dancing with a wet noodle. However, with even a little tension, you can perform creative twists and turns that leave everyone amazed.

Once you start dancing with the opposition you face, you also begin to discover another unique benefit…STRENGTH.

Strength only comes from pushing or pulling against strong resistance. The only way to gain strength, physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually is by encountering opposition and engage with it.

You’ll never be able to completely escape opposition, so you might as celebrate. Meet your challenges and discover the hidden strength and grace that lie within you.

How can YOU dance with opposition TODAY?