E-Course Program for 2013

We are proud and excited to announce the launch of our E-Course Program in 2013.

Our first E-Course is:

Visioning & Goal Setting: Stepping into Your Highest Self Today!

Our E-Courses are 5 or 6 lessons delivered to you by email. Each lesson is jam-packed with valuable and practical techniques and strategies to help you succeed in your relationships, life, and business.

When designing these E-Courses, we made sure each lesson is inspirational, concise, and chock-full of valuable content. Each lesson builds on the previous lesson. With our busy lives, streamlined learning is so important.

So here's what we have lined up for you in 2013:

Confident You!

Discovering the Leader in You!

The Power of Effective Communication

Resolving Conflicts and Creating Positive Change

There is no charge for enrollment. The Marriage Clinic's E-Course Program is a gift from Dr. Jonathan Isaacson. There is no selling or advertising, except to let you know about another upcoming or available E-Course gift.

Every month, we will be featuring a different E-Course. We are committed to providing valuable information to help everyone have the relationship, love, and life they truly deserve. With our E-Course Program, we have another opportunity to give back to the community.