Your brain is a super-computer.

Every day you plug information into it, and ask it to perform complex calculations. You ask it to deliver applicable information about your likes and interests. And you ask it to recall vivid memories from years, and even decades ago. In short, you throw a bunch of stuff in, rattle it around, and shake out something new and useful.

That process never stops. Your mind is constantly solving problems, looking for patterns and evaluating the world around you. Most of the time your thoughts are practical, “here and now” thoughts. But sometimes they drift to “possibility” thoughts.

The difference between your “daydreaming” mind and your “working” mind is that your daydreaming mind function in a relaxed state without the constraining limitations of “reality.” Ideas that come to you can offer VALUABLE insight into what your desires may be and and creative ways to make it happen.

If you are a chronic daydreamer, you are in good company. Albert Einstein, Mozart, Thomas Edison, Mother Theresa, Gloria Steinem & Amelia Earhart were all known for living with their heads in the clouds.

So go ahead. Spend some time daydreaming and living all possibilities. Write them down - your dreams, desires and success. And see what happens.