Danger is Just One Letter Away from Anger

If you’ve ever talked to your spouse or your kids when you’re angry, then you know how damaging that can be to your relationship. It might feel good for a few minutes to “vent” and “get things off your chest.” But there’s the high cost of damage, sometimes, irreparable, to your relationships. 

The next time you find yourself in a heated conversation, immediately take a time out. You can return to your conversation when you are much calmer. Let the other person know how you are feeling at the moment. Let them know you’ll return when you have calmed down. They will respect you greatly for your self-discipline. You can say something like, 

“I’m upset right now, and I need to take a break.”

“This is making me angry, and I need to cool off for a few minutes.”

“Can we talk about this later, when I’ve had a chance to calm down?”

Then give yourself the time you need to feel calm, cool, and ready to talk. You will be a much more effective communicator. And you’ll be preventing damage your relationship.