Daily Dose of Motivation

Like a nice hot shower, motivation invigorates you and gets you moving. But it’s not something you do once and then you’re done.  You don’t ‘get’ motivated and ‘stay’ motivated. You have to regularly renew your supply.

Motivation is not a regular part of our life. It’s only when our productivity and enthusiasm start to wane that we try to get ‘motivated’ once again. 

But what if motivation was built into your daily routine? How would your life change? How would it affect your energy, enthusiasm, and ability to press on when things get tough?  

Perhaps it’s as simple as waking up to your favorite song. Or taking a few minutes each morning to read an inspiring book.  Maybe it's going for a run in the morning or meditating in the park at dawn. Whatever it is, make your motivation a daily priority and watch your life change!