Creating an Atmosphere for Resolving Conflicts

Conflicts are unavoidable. But there are many things, as a couple, we can do to prevent conflicts from destroying our relationship. We often give very little thought to the atmosphere, in which conflicts happen. 

Atmosphere matters. In fact, it makes a huge difference. First, resolving conflicts should be scheduled at a time when both partners are in a calm and at their best. 

Most importantly, the couple needs to create an atmosphere, in which it is safe to talk about problems, express their feelings and concern, without judgment, criticism, shame, or dismissal. 

Do you both feel respected expressing a different of opinion or perspective? Do you both approach a disagreement or conflict, as partners, looking for a solution? 

Remember, conflicts left unresolved will usually grow, until an explosion occurs. Unresolved conflicts can create distance, until the couple feels like they’ve grown apart.

Conflict resolution can be a calm, mature discussion between equals. When couples listen and truly try to understand each other, conflicts can bring them together – as partners, seeking a solution.