Clear Expectations

In any relationship, expectations must be understood. First, there should be realistic expectations. Second, both parties must be clear on the expectations. Unmet expectations cause a lot of resentment and can eventually lead to distrust and disharmony.

The best solution for this dilemma is clear communication. 

Start by conveying your concern. For example, “I’m not sure I understand what your expectations are about this….I want to make sure I get this right.” 

Listen to the response. Then rephrase. This is critical in case there’s misunderstanding or need for clarification. Continue asking clarifying questions and reflecting back what you have heard until you have reached a mutual understanding. 

If you can do this well, you will not only minimize any misunderstanding, but you will also gain the respect and goodwill of others. They will perceive as someone who strives to be their best, listens to others, and is very trustworthy.