Believe to Receive

To receive blessings in your life, you must know, without a doubt that whatever you want is possible. And if it’s in your best interest, you will receive it.

Sometimes sabotaging thoughts prevent us from receiving blessings. This may present consciously or unconsciously. A sabotaging thought or belief that runs counter to your dreams is likely to prevent you from attaining your goals.

You may struggle with self-doubt, lack of self-esteem, or lack of determination to pursue your goals. But deep down inside, it’s because somehow you feel you don’t deserve your dream. It could present as an act or self-sabotage, when just at the moment you are about to reach your goal – you do something to undermine your success.

Sometimes, we create our own failures by our limiting beliefs. It takes great courage to look within and discover what is holding you back. And by doing so, you will discover how magnificent you truly are, with talents, gifts, and contributions yet to make in the world.