Avoiding Negativity at Work

When it comes to negativity at work and office politics, you can’t singlehandedly eliminate them. But you can limit your involvement in them. 

Here are two suggestions to try.

  1. Avoid gossip and rumor. There are two ways people participate in gossip. One is by talking and the other is by listening. It’s more than just not spreading rumors. If you are eager to listen to every story, you are participating in gossip. Once people realize that you don’t participate, they will stop coming to you with the gossip. 
  2. Be neutral. Do people try to get you on one side or the other in office politics? Your wisest move is to be neutral. It’s always about two people or more struggling for control. You don’t need the stress. Likely, it’s about their ego.

Work can be stressful enough without participating in the drama, that unfortunately can part of the office culture. 

There’s a truism, “We teach people how to treat us.” Your responses to negativity and office politics teach people where you stand, and they will respond accordingly. It may not happen overnight, but it in time, your calm demeanor may even influence the office environment.