Attempting Greatness

Do you ever notice that some people always have an excuse for their failures? The economy was bad, or they didn't have enough connections, time, or money. Whatever the challenge and however things turned out, they always have an excuse.

The problem with this line of thinking is that if you never own your failures, you can never truly own your successes.

Think about a time when you were successful, or at the β€œtop of your game.” You succeeded, but you might not have taken the time to enjoy your success. Society moves so fast today, and many times we dwell on failure, but breeze past success.

Having an explanation for failure is fine. Having an excuse for failure is not.

The more important task is actually taking the time to recognize what factors helped you become successful. Most often, our actions, beliefs and behaviors are the keys to success and to failure. Courage and determination, you may discover, can be even more powerful than talent and knowledge.

In the well-known story of David vs. Goliath, the soldiers feared Goliath's massive size. How could they possibly hit someone as large as Goliath? David, on the other hand, was comforted knowing that with Goliath so gigantic, how could he possibly miss?

Which do you think is more helpful; wondering about your potential, or dwelling on your limitations?