Are You on Opposing Sides or Teammates?

When approaching a conflict, it is natural to feel adversarial toward the other person. We often feel like they’re the enemy, the opposition. While this feeling is natural, it is not helpful.  

Keep in mind that the other person also desires resolution and harmony. They want a solution just as much as you do. You will have an easier time coming to a resolution, if you start with a perspective and approach that you are on the same team. 

Next time it’s time to have a difficult conversation with someone, use these powerful strategies:

  1. Begin by telling the other person that you desire to come to an agreeable solution. 
  2. Control your emotions. 
  3. Use “I” statements. 
  4. Avoid blame, criticism, or judgment. 
  5. Convey with your body language, facial expressions, and voice tone openness and understanding.

Using these powerful strategies will make your next conflict resolution process much easier and effective.