Anxious Behavior Under Stress

The old adage, “Fake it till you make it,” has helped many people get through very challenging situations. To help neutralize our nervous energy, we portray a persona of confidence. 

But, sometimes under stress, our nervousness shows our behaviors on steroids. An extrovert may be perceived as loud, boisterous, or arrogant. While this is untrue, if we don’t manage ourselves under stress, we could give the wrong impression.  

Here are three common mistakes people make when they are feeling self-conscious or nervous:
Making fun of yourself. Use this kind of humor sparingly, if at all. If you constantly downplay who you are, that’s how you will be remembered. So speak approvingly of yourself and others.  

Bragging or dominating the spotlight. When speaking with others, do not dominate the conversation. Confident people share the spotlight by showing interest in other people. 
Gossiping. There’s an easy trick for breaking the gossip habit. Before you say something “not” nice, imagine the person standing next to you. How would that person feel? 

Next time you feel nervous and less than confident, pay special attention to your anxious behaviors. Take a breath and reconnect with your authentic self – not your fake self.