An Attitude of Possibility

We all know someone who appears to have it all - money, status, intelligence, unlimited opportunities. But somehow, they can't seem to get their life together.

And then, there's that person who comes from nothing, seems to have the worst of luck through no fault of their own - poor parents, sub-par grades in school, maybe even a few run-ins with the law -and still somehow rose to a high position in business, government or social standing.

Those who WANT to succeed WILL eventually succeed. They can acquire the education, save the money, climb the ladder and create amazing opportunities, as long as, they have the burning desire and the persistence to see it through.

There is something unique about these types of people. They have an attitude of possibility. They are grateful for all the good fortune that comes their way. And they have discovered anything is possible with gratitude and fierce determination.

Those without the will to succeed, however, can squander even the finest of opportunities. Either they don’t want what they have, or they are unwilling to work hard enough to keep it. And before they know it, all their opportunities have slipped through their fingers and disappeared.

Fortunately, any attitude can be adjusted to focus on what you truly want. If you ever find yourself in the position of feeling victimized, entitled or apathetic, you can choose to be grateful, humble, deserving and desirous, and respond to the situation, accordingly. Soon new opportunities will arise. And you will rise along with them.

What ATTITUDE do YOU choose TODAY?