Achieving Work-Life Balance

Everyone is hearing about “Work-Life Balance.” It’s a catchy phrase, but what does it exactly mean? And how do get it?

As the name suggests, the balance of work and life is the dynamic interaction between two seemingly opposite areas of life. 

Work is about the tasks you must do to keep your life functioning. This could be paid, or unpaid. Working from home or in the office. 

Life is everything else not consumed by work. It’s all those things you do for your own personal fulfillment; the things you really want to do and enjoy; if only you weren’t so busy with work.

So how can we balance between work and life?

We need to move beyond compartmentalizing these distinct areas of your life, changing your perspective, and becoming aware of how you are spending your time.

What aspects of your life express your life purpose and give you personal fulfillment? Are you now doing the work that is in alignment with your life purpose? Work is a great opportunity to express our creativity and problem-solving abilities. It helps us to grow and stretch our boundaries and use our talents. It’s only when we become consumed with work that it creates an imbalance in our lives.

How do you define life? Is it your relationships, leisure activities, volunteer work, etc.? 
To move toward life balance, become aware of how you are spending your time. Work-life balance is not a destination. It is a dynamic state of awareness and choices.