Accepting Yourself

Many people look outside themselves for approval, acceptance, and love. But the truth is, they won’t ever find it by looking “out there.” While external validation feels nice; it doesn't last. 

"Being" yourself and feelings of self-esteem comes from within and starts with your relationship with yourself.

The first step is appreciating all the wonderful qualities you have. What are you good at or naturally talented at doing? Then acknowledge and affirm that uniqueness with love and total acceptance.

The next step is to accept you are not perfect. And that's great news. When things don't go exactly as planned or expected, be kind to yourself and know you did your best.

The third step is to eliminate negative talk. This starts with yourself - the negative self-talk and self-criticism. And extends to avoiding those who are critical and unsupportive of you. Surround yourself with people who love, support, and bring out the best in you.

Self-esteem is really about acknowledging, affirming and accepting ALL of yourself, even the parts that aren’t perfect. When you practice acceptance of yourself, the world will take note… and follow your lead.