5 “To Do” vs. “Ta Da!”

Job stress has received a lot of attention lately. It seems today, we only hear about “job performance,” “increased productivity,” “right-sizing,” etc. There are many causes for work-related stress. Even with all this, the biggest factor in job stress is being underappreciated at work. 

We may not be able to change people to be more appreciative or encouraging. But we can learn to appreciate and encourage ourselves. 

It could be a simple daily routine. Take a moment to recognize what you accomplished that day. Sometimes, we overlook tasks that were not on our To-Do List; but needed to be done that day. Include things that you were particularly proud of – like how well and respectfully you handled an annoying co-worker. At the end of the day, create your own “Ta-Da! List.”

True appreciation of yourself includes paying attention to both “doing” and “being.”  

In life and at work, are you doing what you need to do? Appreciate all you do.

In life and at work, are you being who you want to be?  Appreciate who you are.