Signs of Infidelity

The following signs indicate that your partner may be unfaithful. These are things that people have noticed before discovering that their partners were having affairs. None of the items by themselves mean that infidelity is about to happen, but they may be cause for concern if they are part of a larger pattern that is causing concern.

These may apply to either men or women partners. Generally, men exhibit these behavior changes when involved in an affair.

  1. He has recently lost weight.
  2. He begins wearing a different style of underwear.
  3. He begins using a different brand of soap or shampoo.
  4. He stops wearing his wedding ring.
  5. He buys a sports car.
  6. He doesn’t leave a number where he can be reached.
  7. He has sudden work obligations that keep him from attending family events.
  8. He has more business dinners than he used to.
  9. He has restaurant matchbooks in his pocket.
  10. There is lipstick or makeup on his shirt.
  11. He goes for more workouts at the gym.
  12. He seems emotionally distant or preoccupied.
  13. He changes his sexual behavior, wanting either more or less.

Signs of infidelity can apply to both men and women. Generally, these behavior changes are seen in women having affairs.

  1. She has changed her hair color or hairstyle.
  2. She pays more attention to her clothing and appearance than she did in the past.
  3. She uses breath mints, when she didn’t use them in the past.
  4. She wears more jewelry than she used to.
  5. She changes the position of the passenger car seat.
  6. One number is repeated on the cellular phone bill.
  7. She gives vague answers about where she will be.
  8. She begins attending more conferences.
  9. She has an extra key on her key ring.
  10. She often makes excuses to go out alone.
  11. She smells like she just took a shower.
  12. She seems less interested in family activities.
  13. You have a gut feeling that something is wrong.

Confronting your spouse or partner regarding the affair or finding out that you have been betrayed are very traumatic. Feelings of anger, depression, hate, and loneliness are very common.

While at the moment it may not appear so, your marriage can be saved. Only 15 percent of infidelity cases ended in divorce. Half of the couples who are willing to overcome this challenge have repaired and renewed their relationship.